Darwin’s Regret: What Maths Tells Us about the Evolution of Life

Event Details

Professor Mike Steel of the Allan Wilson Centre
Wednesday, October 22, 1.45pm – 2.25pm, at Wakatipu High School.
Registration essential at connect@catalystnz.org

Professor Mike Steel, of the Allan Wilson Centre, provides an overview of how ideas from maths and stats have become central to the study and visualizing of evolution.

Mathematics is now seen as an essential tool that allows biologists to tease apart evolutionary signal from noise and bias in data, and to build reliable trees and networks of species.

Biologists use these trees widely.  For example, to classify new species, trace human migrations and to help predict next year’s influenza strain.

This talk is aimed at senior mathematics students at Wakatipu High School, but open to members of the public on registration with Catalyst Trust