What Makes a New Zealander?

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This is a compelling social question facing an increasingly multicultural NZ. Genetic studies indicate that we can all ultimately trace our origins to Africa. About 65,000 years ago modern humans started expanding across the globe. The final landmass settled by humans was Aotearoa/New Zealand, just 750 years ago.

While Maori were the first to arrive, they were joined by later migrants, primarily from Europe, Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Professor Lisa Matisoo-Smith of the Allan Wilson Centre discusses a genetic study of the population of NZ today that will map the many pathways our ancestors took which ultimately brought each of us here.

Preliminary results from our first year of sampling the genetic diversity of New Zealand will be presented and discussed in terms of their implications for understanding New Zealand’s settlement history.

There is no charge to attend this event, but an early RSVP would be very much appreciated to help with planning.

The first 50 people to RSVP will be offered the opportunity to help Prof Matisoo-Smith with her study:  A simple cheek swab (essentially the inside of the cheek is rubbed with something akin to a cotton bud) will provide genetic material which will be analysed for genetic heritage.  Each participant will receive their individual results.

Please RSVP to awc-lectures@massey.ac.nz

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