Update on the Syria-Iraq War-Zone: Are Outcomes on the Way? (U3A)

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Professor Bill Harris, Department of Politics, University of Otago, speaks at this U3A talk.

Is the conflict across Syria and Iraq moving towards some sort of resolution, or just towards an interlude? ISIS is shrinking, the Syrian regime is seizing the advantage courtesy of Russia and Iran, and the Kurds just want to have their own exits from the mess. Is Bashar al-Assad on the way to winning, and what challenges face the Iraqi government? Can the West simply ‘move on’ and walk away from this story? As Trotsky is reputed to have said, ‘You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you’.

Bill has talked to us four times before about the ferment in the Middle East, and we welcome him back to update us. He is a noted expert on the Middle East who frequently visits the region, most recently Turkey.

$5 admission.

Prof Bill Harris