Something in the Water

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 The University of Otago’s Winter Symposium 2017, brought to Queenstown in association with Catalyst Trust, features a multi-disciplinary panel of speakers, moderated by satirist and columnist Joe Bennett, discussing water quality, tourism and the economy vs the environment.Addressing the big idea ‘Why Should You Care?’, find out from our panellists their ideas on policy changes that would-be politicians will need to listen to and offer their views on before the election.

Please email with the following code: QN Winter Symposium, to show your interest.


Associate Professor Brent Lovelock, of the Department of Tourism, specialises in sustainable tourism, ethical tourism and outdoor recreation. He has carried out his research in North America, across the Asia-Pacific region and in New Zealand.

Dr Sarah Mager, of the Department of Geography, has research expertise in surface water hydrology specific to pristine alpine rivers, water yield and tussock grasslands. Her focus is on understanding natural fluxes of material through headwater catchments, including nutrients, sediment and components of chemical weathering.

Dr Marc Schallenberg, of the Department of Zoology, is a freshwater scientist who has studied more than 80 New Zealand lakes, from Northland to Campbell Island, and is the current president of the New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society. He has been studying Central Otago lakes for more than 20 years and is fascinated by their unique ecology and their responses to catchment development, climate change and the arrival of invasive species.

Associate Professor Nicola Wheen, of the Faculty of Law, is interested in New Zealand environmental law, especially the law about the allocation and conservation of freshwater resources. (She is also very interested in fishing and Treaty of Waitangi issues in environmental law).

Below: Joe Bennett, Brent Lovelock, Marc Schallenberg, Nicola Wheen, Sarah Mager.

 Joe BennettBrent LovelockMarc SchallenbergNicola WheenSarah Mager