The Wild Wet (inSight)

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Survival in the planet’s oldest rainforest.

Filmmakers: Joshua Mayo and Moritz Katz

In far northeastern Australia lies a land that could not be more different to the arid landscapes that cover most of the continent. Twice the age of the Amazon, it is the planet’s most ancient rainforest. Dark, damp and dangerous – it’s a difficult place to survive! A wildlife documentary ranging from how a caterpillar bribes its captors to a bird who impresses prospective partners with his artistic taste. Delve into this forgotten world, as we explore ‘The Wild Wet’.

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‘The Wild Wet’ screens alongside another film ‘A Beetle Abroad’ as part of inSight’s Sci Shorts (science short film festival).

This event is FREE. Donations are welcome.

inSight thanks the Centre for Science Communication, University of Otago.

Wild Wet