The Politics of International Immigration and Refugees

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The high politics of international immigration, highlighted by the ongoing European refugee crisis and the drama of the first six months of the Trump Presidency, is the subject of Catalyst Trust’s American Independence Day guest speaker, Prof Mark Miller.

“International migration is generally viewed positively but the recent European migration crisis has sparked a rethink. We see this in Trump’s negative views toward the North American Free Trade Agreement, now subject to renegotiation”, he says.

Prof Miller argues the investigation of human mobility is integral to questions of war and peace in the 21st century, as evidenced by developments in the European/Mediterranean sphere, NAFTA and elsewhere.

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Prof Miller, an international immigration and politics specialist from the University of Delaware, has specialised in migration studies, comparative and European politics since the late 1970s. He comes to Queenstown as Catalyst’s guest after his keynote speech at University of Otago’s annual Foreign Policy School.

He has been a consultant for the UN, OECD, US Departments of State, Labor and Justice, the World Bank, ILO and National Geographic. He is the author of six books in subjects including national security under the Obama administration, the war on terror and the age of migration.

Mark Miller