Sound and Sense: What Makes a Poem?

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Catalyst Trust workshop with Hannah Mettner and Jo Morris.


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Calling all budding poets and poetry aficionados! This workshop will focus on the joys of reading and writing poetry. Jo and Hannah will talk about how good poems work, using a selection of poems they love, and then use these poems and other starters to stimulate participants’ own writing. If there’s time, they’ll also discuss the crafting and editing process.

Hannah Mettner is a Wellington writer and also works at the Alexander Turnbull Library. In 2012 she completed her Masters in Creative Writing (Poetry) from Victoria University, where she also teaches. Since then, she’s been putting the finishing touches on her book while participating in numerous other writing projects. She is co-editor of the new literary journal, Sweet Mammalian, Her work has been widely published in both online and print journals throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Jo Morris’s love of poetry led to a year’s study leave in 2012 to complete an MA in Creative Writing at Victoria University. Her main passion, however, is teaching and she is Head of Faculty of English and Languages at Karamu High School, Hastings, and also President of the New Zealand Association of Teachers of English.

“I’m just really keen on poetry, basically, and like hanging out with other people who are too.” Hannah Mettner