Sir Ray Avery

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Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year and winner of the Blake Leadership Medal in 2010 Admission $5. Visitors are welcome. We are privileged to have Sir Ray come to share his extraordinary life story and achievements with us. After a deprived childhood in English orphanages, Ray became a pharmaceutical inventor and businessman, and a member of the Auckland University School of Medicine, who has focussed his research on medical innovations for developing countries in Africa and Asia. He is best known for manufacturing intraocular lenses costing just $6 for use in cataract surgery. In 2003 he founded Medicine Mondiale, a global network of scientific, clinical and business experts who donate their knowledge and time to develop medical solutions which make quality healthcare accessible to everyone. In particular he will explain his current campaign to raise funds for ‘PlunketPlus’ which is a hi-tech iphone and ipad programme to allow Plunket nurses and parents to share information instantly and thus improve monitoring and advice. His autobiography, Rebel with a Cause, and latest book, The Power of Us, will be on sale and Sir Ray will sign them. web: email:

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