Science and the Criminal Mind (inSight)

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How has science changed our understanding of criminals? Can science help predict criminal behaviour? Should science and technology determine how we respond to criminals? Is science the best way to understand people who commit crime? This presentation gives you the opportunity to explore these questions with others and decide for yourself: is science helpful in understanding and responding to criminals?

This Leading Edge event is part of inSight – Queenstown’s annual science, technology and future week. 

This event is FREE. Donations are welcome.

inSight thanks the Centre for Science and Citizenship for facilitating this session. The Centre is based in Dunedin with a roadshow that travels the country, promoting the skills and motivation for New Zealanders to be involved, active citizens, focused on the well-being of all members of the community. Through its expertise and activities, and working in particular with immediate and high school students, the Centre enables informed thought in a social and political climate and helps develop critical thinking skills.

science and criminal mind