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Where will the Queenstown snow be after 25 years of climate change? How will New Zealand snowfalls compare with those in Australia, USA, Europe and Japan? If climate change is, to at least some extent, inevitable, how do we position ourselves to capitalise on change?

Can we simply pump in more snow making machines and push chairlifts further up the mountain? Or can we plan ahead, grapple with the oncoming locomotive, and think best as to how to position business, infrastructure and not least, lifestyle?

These are some of the challenging questions the panel of experts brought together by Catalyst Trust will cover in the Queenstown 2040 — where will the snow be? forum on Monday, June 23, as part of Queenstown Winter Festival.

  • We’ve got the climatologist who loves skiing, has figured out snowlines around the world and charted the most likely predictions;
  • We’ve got the Kiwi IPCC guru who can talk big picture, taking the discussion from the Wakatipu Basin to beyond;
  • We’ve got the engineer who can tell us what she can figure out that might help, and how far the world’s engineers can go to save us;
  • We’ve got the local snow expert/technician who can attest to just how far and how warm those snow machines can go.

Queenstown 2040 — where will the snow be? is the discussion Queenstowners and our visitors who love or live off this fabulous white stuff need to start having.

You can join in, hear and question the experts at Queenstown Memorial Centre, from 7:30 p.m. on Monday, June 23.
Tickets available via Queenstown Winter Festival website. $20 adults, $10 children.

Brought to you by CATALYST, with support by Resolutionz Consulting Ltd and The Rees Hotel Queenstown.

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