Music in Cerebro (inSight)

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Composer and researcher Jeremy Mayall presents a trip inside the mind, exploring the impact that music has on the brain. In 2015 Jeremy, then the Mozart Fellow at University of Otago, collaborated with neuroscientists at the Brain Health Research Centre to capture the sounds of the brain. These sounds have been incorporated into one of Jeremy’s original compositions ‘Music in Cerebro’ to showcase the brain’s reaction to musical stimulation and evoke emotive responses in the listener.

This Leading Edge event is part of inSight – Queenstown’s annual science, technology and future week.

This event is FREE. Donations are welcome.

Jeremy Mayall is a composer, producer, performer and researcher. He was the Mozart Fellow (composer-in-residence) at the University of Otago in 2014-2015. His most recent work has been focused on the exploration multimedia, multisensory, interdisciplinary projects. Find out more about his work at

inSight thanks the Brain Health Research Centre.

Jeremy Mayall