‘The Power of the Brain in Trauma and Stroke Therapy’ – Dr Andrew Clarkson and Professor Michael Nilsson

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Supported by Catalyst Trust. Free
International Brain Week stretches to Queenstown with Dr Andrew Clarkson (University of Otago Brain Health Research Centre) and Professor Michael Nilsson (Director of the Hunter Medical Research Institute in New South Wales) presenting their investigations into the power and resiliency of the brain in trauma and stroke rehabilitation. Prof Nilsson’s Sweden-based research looks at the effects of physical and cultural stimulation in both healthy people and survivors of stroke and trauma. He believes these factors can help sustain and develop the brain’s cognitive reserves – with implications for brain recovery in a range of situations and for healthy ageing. Among his earlier research findings were a strong correlation between good fitness and higher intelligence among young men, and reduced risk of depression later in life. Dr Clarkson’s work focuses on promoting neuroprotection, regeneration and repair mechanisms to improve recovery of function following stroke.