Behind Disney’s ‘Inside Out’ (inSight)

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Disney’s movie ‘Inside Out’ has tweaked our interest by giving us a very visual picture of our emotions and memory. This event includes a screening of the movie followed by researcher Blake Porter explaining the neuroscience behind it and just how our emotions and memories do operate to help us live healthy lives.

This Leading Edge event is part of inSight – Queenstown’s annual science, technology and future week.

This event is FREE. Donations are welcome.

Blake Porter is currently pursuing his PhD at the University of Otago’s Brain and Behavior lab. His research is focused on the neural mechanisms of self control. Specifically, he’s interested in how the brain encodes, remembers and recalls the cost of a particular experience or decision. For example, how do we encode how difficult a run is? How is it our brains remember how much energy that run took? How do those memories influence decision making, say deciding on going on a run again?

inSight thanks the Brain Health Research Centre.

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