Becoming Giants (inSight)

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Seaweed, scientists and survival.

Filmmaker: Kyle Swann

Along the coasts of New Zealand’s South Island exists the ocean’s largest plant: giant kelp. Vast forests of these giants go unseen by many, but for Matt and Tiff, diving in the kelp is just another day in the office. These two graduate students are trying to become the next generation of marine scientists, and to reach their goal they must discover how this giant seaweed survives. But in their quest to uncover the kelp’s strategies, their own survival will be tested.

‘Becoming Giants’ screens alongside another film ‘It’s All About Burma’ as part of inSight’s Sci Shorts (science short film festival).

This event is FREE. Donations are welcome.

inSight thanks the Centre for Science Communication, University of Otago.

Becoming giants