Battling Extinction (inSight)

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Fighting for our forgotten mammals.

Filmmaker: Sarah Cull-Luketina

Our two bat species are on the downwards spiral to extinction. Unless something is done soon they will disappear forever. The odds are stacked against them: predators and extensive habitat damage have meant they are just holding on in tiny pockets around the country. And to complicate things, myths and legends about bats have turned the public against them. But luckily there is a national bat team dedicating their time to saving our only land mammals. If only they could reverse the negative image about bats too, bats might just stand a chance at surviving into the future.

‘Battling Extinction’ screens alongside another film ‘Pest free?’ as part of inSight’s Sci Shorts (science short film festival).

This event is FREE. Donations are welcome.

inSight thanks the Centre for Science Communication, University of Otago.

Battling Extinction