Are We Oblivious to the Drinking to Oblivion Culture? (inSight)

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Today, foetal alcohol syndrome is understood to a much greater extent than in the past. The level of alcohol consumed to cause impact is much less than previously thought. Dr Ruth Napper explains how much is too much, how this condition being identified and managed, and what the future is for our children born with this condition.

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Dr Ruth Napper is at the University of Otago’s Brain Health Research Centre. She is investigating the role of binge-like exposure to alcohol during development on acute and long-term changes in the structure and function of the brain. As well as her interest in maternal abuse of alcohol during pregnancy, Dr Napper also suspects that alcohol abuse during early adolescence alters the maturation of the brain leading to long-term structural and functional changes.

inSight thanks the Brain Health Research Centre.

Ruth Napper