Welcome to 2015!

CATALYST hopes it is full of rich discussion and interesting learning – there’s certainly no shortage of big issues! Our first event planned for the year will be on February 9, when Professor Bill Harris brings his professional and personal perspective on the Middle East to the Wakatipu.

The University of Otago’s political studies department head spent several months at the end of 2014 studying ISIS and the ramifications thereof, both in the Middle East and at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies in Hamburg.

He even visited the front line, courtesy of the Kurdish Pershmerga. See the upcoming events page for more details.

CATALYST is all about bringing intellectual stimulation to the Wakatipu – providing locals and visitors with the opportunity for mental as well as adrenal challenge. We believe a lot of this could come from people who already live here and their visitors.

SO – we would love to hear from you if you or your visitors would be happy to share expertise and knowledge about a topic that others might find fascinating, challenging, mind opening… all those good things. It will only take an hour or two …and provides the chance to meet and talk with other interesting and interested people! Any time you have an idea or opportunity, please go to our Get Involved page and get in touch with us.

And make sure you sign up to our ‘early warning system’ email so that you get alerted when such opportunities arise.

Here’s to thinking…