Rounding off 2014…

Queenstown’s Inaugural Start-Up Weekend
CATALYST is bowing to the reality of Queenstown’s busy summer season by postponing its planned Middle East update until early February.

So, unless we have the opportunity to present a riveting topic and speaker at the last minute, through our Early Warning System database, our November 25 talk with renowned New Zealand weather expert Dr Jim Salinger will be our last event for 2014.

But this need not be the case….

CATALYST is all about bringing intellectual stimulation to the Wakatipu – providing locals and visitors with the opportunity for mental as well as adrenal challenge. We believe a lot of this could come from people who already live here and their visitors. Dr Salinger talk on climate change and vintage wine was a case in point – he was visiting Catalyst trustee Blair Fitzharris and we grabbed the opportunity to share his knowledge gleaned through 25 years studying climate change and seven months this year studying the effects of climate on Italian vintage wine in particular.

SO – we would love to hear from you if you or your visitors would be happy to share expertise and knowledge about a topic that others might find fascinating, challenging, mind opening… all those good things. It will only take an hour or two …and provides the chance to meet and talk with other interesting and interested people! Any time you have an idea or opportunity, please go to our Get Involved page and get in touch with us.

And make sure you are on our ‘early warning system’ database so that you get alerted when such opportunities arise.

Here’s to thinking…