Indonesia: Asia’s Next Heavyweight?

Politics, Economics, and Business in the New Indonesia
14 July 2014

Douglas Ramage – a leading expert in Indonesian political, economic and business affairs – covered business opportunities and risks, the dirtiest political campaign in Indonesia’s 15 years’ democratic history, and common misapprehensions about the “biggest, least known country in the world”.

More than 70 people, ranging in age from 8 to the 80s, heard that the realities of diverse coalition politics meant that whichever presidential candidate won would make little practical difference to the politics played out in this largely stable and religiously tolerant country.

He said Indonesia had 4.1million polling officials and every vote was counted by hand in front of a large audience. Douglas warned that businesses aiming to export to Indonesia must add value within that country to succeed.

Click here for a pdf of Doug Ramage’s presentation on Indonesia