Politics of Scandal

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Dr Bryce Edwards, University of Otago Winter Lecture
(No charge)

NZ politics is beset by more scandals than ever before. Dr Edwards will explain why this is happening and the impact that it is having on elections.

The session will include a 60 minute presentation and a Q&A session followed by light refreshments.

Power and conflict are key issues in politics, says lecturer and political commentator Dr Bryce Edwards.

“In my teaching and research I’m always asking questions about ‘who really runs New Zealand?’, ‘how is policy really made by governments?’, ‘who has the most power in society?’, and ‘how are resources divided up in society?’.

“I aim to promote critical thinking and a consideration of a diversity of points of view and ways of understanding politics.”

Bryce‘s current research is concerned with the rise in allegations of political corruption and the idea that politicians and parties often make use of dubious or illegal funds.

“My research is evaluating these claims, looking at why such allegations are on the rise, and also at the supposed electoral law solutions to some of these problems.”

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